Children with the smile on their face, who believe in themselves, knowing they can accomplish their dreams!


Let’s behave with children the way we want them to behave with us: with respect, compassion & understanding!
  • Share our enthusiasm & the wish to understand the little wonderful people!
  • Ranka Šarenac

  • Psychologist & Trainer
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Center for mutual education


Supporting child development through mutual respect and understanding.
Promoting education based on the principals of non violent communication, active parenting and respect for the competence of the child relative to the developmental stage.
Establishing relations with child without resorting to threats, punishments or coercion.
Developing intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset, open to new experience and appreciating diversity.
Advocating for respect of the Convention on the rights of the child especially the following points:
The child has a right to grow in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.
The child may freely express thoughts, ask and receive information and ideas of all sorts.
The child has a right to freedom of thought, conscious and religion.The child must be protected from all forms of physical and mental violence, damage, abuse, neglect or careless act, misuse or exploitation.
Establish social programs of support for the child and the care giver. School discipline ought to be adjusted to the child’s human dignity and in accordance with this Convention.The right to rest, have free time, to play and to freely participate in cultural life and art should be acknowledged.
The child that has supposedly violated or is accused for breaking the law has a right to be treated in a way that develops his sense of dignity and value, which strengthens child’s respect for human rights and the fundamental freedoms of others with the aim of reintegration and of playing a constructive role in the society.


Trainings, presentations, forums, workshops for parents, educators and children.
Publishing articles related to the Mission and Goals of the Foundation.
Supporting active role of Parents’ Associations in the educational systems.
Thematic gatherings.
Advising individuals & groups.
many other opportunities for sharing & exchange that we can create together supporting our mutual needs for continuous growth and learning…