Wanting to enjoy fully your kids and family life? Longing for support and inspiration to get over those moments of desperation? There are no perfect parents, nor perfect parenting strategies, but there is always a way out when you feel stuck.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Weekend Compassionate Parenting Workshops to be held Saturdays lasting two hours and half each (11:00 - 13:30).

  • The dates to be confirmed. Express Interest

  • Weekdays Compassionate Parenting Workshops.

  • The dates to be confirmed.

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  • The workshops in Italian language "Educare con Empatia" to be confirmed.

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  • In case your mother tongue is one of the ex-YU languages you are welcome to ask for the workshops in your own language, just drop an e-mail. You may organize your own group and propose the dates and time.
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The location will be confirmed once the group is created.

The workshops will include, but not be limited to the following topics:

  • How to hear what your child is really saying
  • How to move from power struggles into collaboration
  • How to stand clearly for your boundaries without using threats or punishments
  • How to support development of your child’s self-esteem

Any burning question and dilemma coming from participants in regards to parenting will be taken into consideration and worked around the planned topics for the session.

The workshops are interactive with the materials provided in the electronic form unless the paper copy is necessary for the actual exercise during the session.
The workshops are led by registered psychologist, trainer and mother of two school children ages 9 and 11. The approach is based on non-violent communication, competent child theories, and peaceful parenting techniques.
For further information & registration send an email to: info@vidime.org or call 691229933.